Ladies Team ends season with third place

HSK Agents (Teampic Feb2018)

On this international floorball day we’d like to share the results of the ladies team in our competition: Bronze!
A solid third place for the HSK Agents. The team is proud of this and looks back on a season of growth, hard work and fun.
At the beginning of the season the team had mostly attackers and struggled to keep a well closed defense. During the season the team trained hard, worked on improvement and made sure the team got stronger.
During competition phase the ladies team has 10 games, of which exactly half were won and 4 were lost, and 1 drew. This resulted in a third place for competition, and reassuring the team with a spot in Play-Offs and in Premier League next season.

The play-offs were played against Hot Flames 1, a strong team from Nijmegen. Hot Flames had won 7 of their games in competition, making them statically stronger than HSK Agents. The Play off system is a best-of-three, which sadly was set after 2 games. HSK Agents was unable to win against the Hot Flames 1 team but made it real hard for them to score and both games were very well played.

The ladies team is determined to keep up the hard work and aim for a high result in the new season.