HSK Ladies on Amsterdamned 2014

It’s been a while, but the HSK Ladies team have attended the Amsterdamned Tournament in July. Amsterdamned is a tournament with international participants, including 10 ladies teams.

The tournament started on Friday afternoon with one game, against Brodd IBK from Norway. As many of our ladies were unable to attent this game, we had some extra ladies from the UK team to help us out, creating the possibility to play in shifts. It was a good game, resulting in our first win of the tournament.

The majority of the team stayed in an hotel in Amsterdam, resulting in a nice evening with a good meal and a nice get together afterwards with drinks.

Saturday was another gameday, with a total of 3 games: Sonics (NL), Renards de la Hupe (BE) and UFF Bromely (UK). We only won against the team from Belgium, but all 3 games were great fun. Due to the heat of the day we were outside a lot and a few were even taking a swim in the Stadiongracht in between games.

Sunday the temperatures were steaming high again, but that didn’t stop us from playing 2 games. We played against FBK Harvard Partizansake (SK) in the Quarterfinals, ending with a loss of 2-0. The last game of the tournament was against Djerv (NO), which was a very physical and thrilling game and resulted in a win. This win placed us on a shared 5th place with UFF Bromley (UK) from the overall tournament (ladies).

The tournament was overall sweaty and warm, but lots of fun!

No training

At the moment there is no training, due to the summer holidays.
Training will start again on the 2nd of September.

Enjoy your holidays!

Haags Hockey Plein – Promotions 2

In the last weekend of WK Hockey 2014, we were again to be found on on the The Hague Hockey Plein actively promoting our wonderfull sport and club. Like we had on June 1st, a high amount of kids joined in our afternoon of fun and games. Besides free play in the hockey area, there was room for small matches and some exercises. The favorite activity of the day seemed to be actually playing a small match form.

Some foto’s can be found here
HSK Promotions June 14th


Haags Hockey Plein – Promotions

Between June 1st and June 14 HSK will be actively promoting on the The Hague Hockey Plein. The Hockey Plein has been specially designed to promote sports in The Hague during the WK Hockey 2014, taking place in The Hague.

On June 1st we were supplying an afternoon of fun and games, where mainly children were introduced to the sports. Besides free play in the hockey area, there was room for small matches and some exercises. The favorite activity of the day seemed to be shooting on our goalie Omar. Although it was a hot day, the children and our  members were all actively playing and making the day a success.

On June 10th we’ll be providing a late night workshop for students of the The Hague University and on June 14th we’ll be providing another afternoon full of fun and games on the The Hague Hockey Plein!
Update: Due to the rain the workshop of June 10th was cancelled. We’ll reschedule, the new date will be posted when known!