HSK Ladies Champions 2015 – 2016 !!


On Sunday 22nd of May the HSK Ladies won the play off final from rival Sonics Amersfoort in a crowed and atmospheric hall in Utrecht. The HSK ladies came out first in the regular competition, so were starting the game as the favourites to win the final. After a very quick goal against, the ladies woke up and showed during the rest of the match that they are truly the best team of the season 2015 – 2016. At the end of the second period the HSK Ladies had a firm lead. With a total of 32 shots on goal against 17, Sonics Amersfoort was beaten with 7 – 4.

The board of HSK congratulates the ladies and coach with a wonderful result! Go HSK!

For all the details see the game report below.

Thuis Uit Uitslag P1 P2 P3
Sonics HSK 4 – 7 (1-1) (1-4) (2-2)
Datum Tijd Lokatie
22-05-2016 12:00:00 Sporthal de Paperclip (Utrecht)

Schoten op doel

Totaal P1 P2 P3
17-32 (2-8) (6-14) (9-10)


Scheidsrechter 1 Scheidsrechter 2 Wedstrijdtafel
Bart Tiggelaar Wouter Buter NeFUB NeFUB


Thuisteam Uitteam
Sonics HSK
Rugnr. Naam Bijz. Rugnr. Naam Bijz.
1 Marieke Benneker  K 1 Dorothee Kruijs-Vogelesang  K
3 Stephanie Fong Pei Fang  3 Nizette Couzy 
5 Simone Talla  4 Denise Bunschoten 
6 Iris Stokman  7 Suzan Hombergen 
7 Danielle Michels  8 Barbora Sahánková 
10 Dorinde Kleinegris  A 11 Josse van Zijp 
12 Rebecca Vonk  13 Tess van der Kolk  A
15 Marjolein van Swinderen  15 Renske van Hoof 
16 Jikke Bakker  17 Marlous Vaarwerk 
24 Iris Vrijsen  18 Angela Stauch 
19 Mirjam Haenen 
20 Faybienne Kollau 
22 Hanneke Broekman 
24 Ellen van den Hoven 
31 Ghislaine van Ooijen 
42 Odilia Corneth 


Moment Gebeurtenis Persoon
Per. Tijd Soort Goal Nummer Assist
1e periode
1 0.45 Doelpunt 1 – 0 T6 Iris Stokman
1 14.11 Doelpunt 1 – 1 U31 Ghislaine van Ooijen
2e periode
2 4.15 Doelpunt 1 – 2 U22 Hanneke Broekman 8 Barbora Sahánková
2 7.23 Doelpunt 1 – 3 U11 Josse van Zijp 22 Hanneke Broekman
2 16.36 Doelpunt 2 – 3 T24 Iris Vrijsen 16 Jikke Bakker
2 17.51 Doelpunt 2 – 4 U13 Tess van der Kolk 8 Barbora Sahánková
2 18.27 Doelpunt 2 – 5 U20 Faybienne Kollau 7 Suzan Hombergen
3e periode
3 3.54 Doelpunt 3 – 5 T16 Jikke Bakker 6 Iris Stokman
3 4.59 Doelpunt 3 – 6 U22 Hanneke Broekman
3 14.00 Doelpunt 3 – 7 U11 Josse van Zijp 22 Hanneke Broekman
3 14.00 Time-Out Thuisteam
3 14.33 2-Minuten straf U20 Faybienne Kollau-Incorrecte slag (201)
3 18.00 Doelpunt 4 – 7 T12 Rebecca Vonk 16 Jikke Bakker

HSK Statistics of March 28th

The past weekend was an exciting one for HSK Ladies and Men’s 1. The second match of their best-of-three-playoff was played. Meaning if this second game was again won by both HSK teams, the third game would no longer be needed to determine the stronger teams.  HSK Men’s 2 had no game this weekend.

HSK Men’s 1 played the Blue Falcons 1 in Amersfoort. As the first match against Blue Falcons was a very close win, this second match was started with a healthy excitement.
The first period drew a 1-1 score, with made the tension on this game bigger. The only goal in this period was scored by Michiel Bosch.
In the second period HSK started to take the lead, by 3 goals. Goals were made by Jacques Fournier, Bjorn van Wieringen and Valentin Hofman.
The final period the distance between HSK and the Blue Falcons became larger, as 6 goals were made in this period. 2 goals by Roland Velu, 2 goals by Michiel Bosch and also 2 by Valentin Hofman. The Blue Falcons were unable to pass goalkeeper Stijn Chapelle after the first period. Winning with a 1-9 score, ensured the position for HSK Men’s 1 in the premiere league for upcoming season.

HSK Ladies had an early start in Groningen, to referee and table the 10.45h game.
After this game, the ladies played their second best-of-three match against U.C. Face Off 2. Although the first game against U.C. Face Off was won quite easily, a healthy tension was present to win this second game.
Game goals were set to play a good game, with focus on communication on the field and clean passes to each other.
The first period was won by 0-3. Goals were made by Nina Pfelzer and Marlous Janssen, both assisted by Mirjam Haenen. The third goal in this period was an own goal by U.C. Face Off.
The second period, HSK ladies got another 4 goals in. Two were made by Ingrid Hombergen, one by Angela Stauch and one by Susan de Swart. The period ended with a goal for U.C. Face Off, ending the score in 1-7.
HSK regrouped and kept the scoring up, scoring another 3 goals in the final period. Angela Stauch scored the first in this last period, followed by 2 goals from Susan de Swart. Ending the game with a 1-10 score and ensuring the ladies their position in the

Our clubs top scorers have not changed, the best HSK Men’s scorer is still Johan Lim closely followed by Roland Lim. The best positioned (currently active in competition) lady is still Hanneke Broekman.

HSK Statistics of March 14th and 15th

Although it wasn’t the first game of the day, we start with reporting the monstrous victory of HSK Men’s 2 in Groningen against UFC Groningen 2. A smashing 1-21 win was taken home by the team, which played with only 1 sup this day.

The first period ended 1-6 score, 2 goals by Kevin Miedema, 2 by Micheal Boissonnault and both assisted in 1 goal as well. The other goals in this period were made by Maarten Paul and Dennis van der Kolk.  The second period a smashing 8 goals were made, 4 by Kevin Miedema, 1 by Micheal Boissonnault, 1 by Dennis van der Kolk, 1 by Richard van Duijvenbode and 1 by Maarten Paul. Their scoring kept up in the third period. In this final period, 3 goals were made by Micheal Boissonnault and Jan-Willem van Dijk, Dennis van der Kolk, Maarten Paul and Kevin Miedema scored once in this period. Ending with a monster victory of 1-21.

HSK Men’s 1 had a though o play against Blue Falcons 1.  The first period was lost, by one goal. Ending in a 1-0 for the Blue Falcons team. The second period HSK stepped up and ended in a 3-3 score at the end of the second period. Goals were made by Roland Velu, Jacques Fournier and Anton Nilsson. The third period should become the decision making period and was very thrilling. Half way in this final period, it was still a tie. Goals in the period were made by Johan Lim and Jacques Fournier. As the games need a winner, HSK had to make one more goal for the win. After almost 13 minutes into the final period, Roland Velu made the winning goal. Leaving Blue Falcons to loose with a 5-6 score.

HSK Ladies had to play U.C. Face Off 2, with only 1 sub. It was a good game, and the win was taken by HSK with 11-0. The first period 3 goals were made, 1 by Ingrid Hombergen, 1 by Angela Stauch and 1 by Vera Vermaas (who now could celebrate scoring against her former team for the second time). This period ended with a powerplay for Face Off, as Vera Vermaas got a 2-min penalty at 1.58 minutes before the ending of the period. The second period 5 goals were created, 2 by Ingrid Hombergen and Tess van der Kolk and 1 by Angela Stauch. In the third period another 3 goals were made, by Ingrid Hombergen, Angela Stauch and Mirjam Haenen.

Sunday was Mixed tournament day.

HSK Mixed played in Rhenen against Delft Blue Falcons and Stick Together. Although they had no sups for the game day, both game ended in a win for HSK Mixed.

The HSK Falcons team played in Groningen a smashing 4 games, the day resulted in 2 losses, a win and a draw. HSK Falcons drew against UFC Utrecht 3, but sadly lost to Crazy Henkie Unicorns Tacos and Jungle Speed 2. We can be proud to say that they won the game against Hot Shots 1.

Topscorer of the men’s teams is still between Johan Lim and Roland Velu, which are both now in the top 4 of top scoring men in the NeFUB.

Topscoring lady is still Hanneke Broekman, although she was unable to attend last Saturdays game.