HSK Statistics of March 14th and 15th

Although it wasn’t the first game of the day, we start with reporting the monstrous victory of HSK Men’s 2 in Groningen against UFC Groningen 2. A smashing 1-21 win was taken home by the team, which played with only 1 sup this day.

The first period ended 1-6 score, 2 goals by Kevin Miedema, 2 by Micheal Boissonnault and both assisted in 1 goal as well. The other goals in this period were made by Maarten Paul and Dennis van der Kolk.  The second period a smashing 8 goals were made, 4 by Kevin Miedema, 1 by Micheal Boissonnault, 1 by Dennis van der Kolk, 1 by Richard van Duijvenbode and 1 by Maarten Paul. Their scoring kept up in the third period. In this final period, 3 goals were made by Micheal Boissonnault and Jan-Willem van Dijk, Dennis van der Kolk, Maarten Paul and Kevin Miedema scored once in this period. Ending with a monster victory of 1-21.

HSK Men’s 1 had a though o play against Blue Falcons 1.  The first period was lost, by one goal. Ending in a 1-0 for the Blue Falcons team. The second period HSK stepped up and ended in a 3-3 score at the end of the second period. Goals were made by Roland Velu, Jacques Fournier and Anton Nilsson. The third period should become the decision making period and was very thrilling. Half way in this final period, it was still a tie. Goals in the period were made by Johan Lim and Jacques Fournier. As the games need a winner, HSK had to make one more goal for the win. After almost 13 minutes into the final period, Roland Velu made the winning goal. Leaving Blue Falcons to loose with a 5-6 score.

HSK Ladies had to play U.C. Face Off 2, with only 1 sub. It was a good game, and the win was taken by HSK with 11-0. The first period 3 goals were made, 1 by Ingrid Hombergen, 1 by Angela Stauch and 1 by Vera Vermaas (who now could celebrate scoring against her former team for the second time). This period ended with a powerplay for Face Off, as Vera Vermaas got a 2-min penalty at 1.58 minutes before the ending of the period. The second period 5 goals were created, 2 by Ingrid Hombergen and Tess van der Kolk and 1 by Angela Stauch. In the third period another 3 goals were made, by Ingrid Hombergen, Angela Stauch and Mirjam Haenen.

Sunday was Mixed tournament day.

HSK Mixed played in Rhenen against Delft Blue Falcons and Stick Together. Although they had no sups for the game day, both game ended in a win for HSK Mixed.

The HSK Falcons team played in Groningen a smashing 4 games, the day resulted in 2 losses, a win and a draw. HSK Falcons drew against UFC Utrecht 3, but sadly lost to Crazy Henkie Unicorns Tacos and Jungle Speed 2. We can be proud to say that they won the game against Hot Shots 1.

Topscorer of the men’s teams is still between Johan Lim and Roland Velu, which are both now in the top 4 of top scoring men in the NeFUB.

Topscoring lady is still Hanneke Broekman, although she was unable to attend last Saturdays game.

Play Offs 2014

In the weekend of May 10 and 11 we had 2 teams participating in the Play Offs for this season! Men’s 1 and Ladies were both in the top of their league throughout the season, resulting in the honors to fight for the win of the competition!

For the Ladies team this was the first time since the restart of the ladies team (season 2012-2013), and therefor a great prestation! On saturday they played against Groningen. A great and thrilling game, in which HSK Ladies had lots of opportunities to score, but were unable to make scores from this opportunities. Resulting in a 2-8 loss and the end of the Play Offs for the ladies.

Men’s 1 played on Saturday a very exiting game, during the 3rd period Men’s 1 was ‘far’ behind on their opponent Utrecht 1 (score 3-6). With only 12 minutes left on the clock, HSK Men’s 1 worked on their comeback, resulting in a equal score of 6-6. As equal score are not allowed in this part of the competition, a ‘golden goal’ had to be made in the lengthened 3rd period resulting in a 7-6 win for the men’s team.
Winning the Saturdays Game, means playing for Gold on Sunday. The game on Sunday was against Groningen, which started off to look a lot like the game played on Saturday. After the second period the HSK Men’s 1 team was behind with 2 goals, but Saturday’s game gave positive energy to keep up the hard work. A few minutes before game end, HSK scored the equalizing goal out of a penalty situation. 20 second before end Groningen scored once more, leaving HSK for second place in the competiton.

Off course we would have loved to have Gold for both teams, we are pleased to see the great fighting spirit from both Mens and Ladies team in these play off games!HSK Final Supporters

END Result Ladies: 3rd place in 2013-2014 competition
END Result Men’s 1: 2nd place in 2013-2014 competition

NeFUB Competition results for 19-10-2013

HDM 1 – UA Sonics 1: 5-3

HDM 1 met UA Sonics 1 today and was victorious in a close match with the team from Amersfoort. Our team apparantly was still asleep at the start of the match because after one minute and 11 seconds they were already 2 goals behind and in the thirteenth minute a third one followed. This was enough to make HDM 1 realise something had to be done and by the end of the first period it was all even at 3-3 thanks to goals by Ossi Vilhunen and two by Tomas Wahlgren, all three unassisted.

With one goal for HDM 1 in the following two periods (Tomas again with an assist from Jacques and the final goal was made by Johan Lim) victory was achieved and HDM 1 gets the points!

Match summary at the NeFUB website

HDM Falcons – UFC Utrecht 2: 18-1

Goals galore in this ladies match which makes it difficult to just write a report since well…HDM Falcons was in control the whole game, so here are the stats instead:

  • Anna Kijlstra: 4 goald 4 assists
  • Flor Thijssens: 3 goals 3 assists
  • Hanneke Broekman: 3 goals
  • Tess van der Kolk: 3 goals
  • Susan de Swart: 1 goal
  • Angela Stauch: 3 goals 1 assist
  • Nizette Couzy: 1 assist
  • Marlous Janssen: 1 goal

Honourable mention should go to Utrecht player Yvonne Lucassen, she defended her team’s honour by making sure the 0 wasn’t kept by HDM Falcons by scoring the only goal for her team.

Match summary at the NeFUB website

NeFUB Competition results for 06-10-2012

It was a good weekend for the HDM teams with all teams getting a victory.

HDM 1 – FB Agents: 7-3

HDM 1 deserved the victory but the FB Agents were missing some players so it could have gone the other way. Some details of the game:

  • The coach of the day was Otso.
  • Johan (2 goals), Gustav (2 goals), Michiel (1 goal and first time captain), Ossi (1 goal and one diaper) and Veikko (1 goal: a no-mercy shot and 2 penalties).
  • Veikko, the giant Finn, unfortunately played his last game for HDM 1.

HDM 2 – UC Face Off 2: 5-2

Ken and Il Shik made their HDM 2 debut for this season and it helped. Shik scored his first hat-trick, Gilian and Philippe had one goal each giving HDM 2 their first points of the season. It could of course also be the influence of the captain of this match: Marko (who also made an assist). Matias made the sheet as well with his first assist of the season.

HDM Falcons – UC Face Off 2: 15-1

Altough the NeFUB website has this game as 16-0 the scoresheet clearly states an own goal by the away team which was HDM Falcons. Notable is the performance of Anna with 4 goals and 4 assists.

The other statistics were Hanneke with 2 goals and 1 assist, Susan with 2 goals and 2 assists, Tess with 2 goals and 1 assist, Mirjam made 4 goals, Angela made her first goal for HDM Falcons (and overall her first goal for a Dutch team) and finally Kelbij made 2 assists. It’s not clear from the sheet who made the own goal…