Start of the new season!

As in previous years our trainings in the upcoming 2016-17 season will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays in Roemer Visschercollege in The Hague. One change is that on both days we will now start at 20:00.
The first training of the season will be held on Tuesday, August 30.
We hope to see you all ready to rock on this day as we have big season ahead of us. HSK has started cooperation with Agents (for ladies team) and Breda (for men) and therefore we are entering the season with 4 big field teams at various levels of competition!
Our ladies team is expected to be very competitive as both HSK and Agents contribute solid veteran players .
Men teams are poised to put the disappointment of past season behind and fight for top positions in respective divisions. In 2016-17 we contribute players to the team in 1st division (our entirely own team) and 2nd division (mixed with Breda). That should provide good challenge for our players of all levels and both teams are expected to be very competitive.
Dust off your sticks, wash the outfits and… see you on August 30!

Introduction tournament

On Tuesday the 8th of March we will have another Introduction tournament.
Please bring your friends, colleagues and family to show them our great sport and lets make it a evening to remember.
From 19:45 we can make teams, build the boarding and make sure we can start playing at 8.

Lets bring it on!IMG_9033