EuroFloorball Cup 2012: HDM – Slevik

Hopefully the loyal followers of these reports have all taken the toto-advice given yesterday. Today proved that HDM is still not able to compete with the sub-top of world floorball. However, compared to four years ago the team has come much closer.

The end result of todays match against Slevik was clear: 15-4 to the Norwegians. Four years ago it was 20-2 to Sarpsborg. This is already a clear improvement. Even more impressive: this time HDM was able to produce somesort of offensive game against a Scandinavian hotshot team.

Although the second period was disastrous (8-0), the first and third period HDM was able to give Slevik a good fight. At the start of the game HDM even took the lead with an excellent long ball by Pieter Schoustra being tipped-in by Martin Granqvist. Slevik responded with two quick goals and then HDM was even able to equalize, with a solid goal by Jacques (Jacco) Fournier. This led to great excitement for the French support, as it was the first French goal of the tournament. After the tie, the quality of Slevik and slack powerplay of HDM gave the Norwegians a 3 goal lead at the end of the first period.

The second period will not be further described here.

The third period HDM was back into its zone again. The best period in Denmark by the team so far resulted in a 2-2 draw. This time it was not Slevik that took it easy, but a much improved defensive game by HDM that made the difference. Slevik kept playing the high tempo passing game as during the second period, but the tight and disciplined HDM defense was hard to beat. On top of that ‘Jacco’ scored the second French goal of the tournament and Michiel Bosch finished in style by scoring the final goal of the match.

Todays game showed there is an inmense difference between a focussed and disciplined HDM and a free-wheeling HDM. For tomorrow´s game against Lyon it is advised to anticipate a HDM win in the toto, but a slight loss of focus might lead to an up-set.

Match summary at the IFF website