EuroFloorball Cup 2012: HDM – UHC Weissenfels

29/08/2012: HDM – UHC Weissenfels 5 – 11

Today HDM started the EFCQ 2012 in Frederikshavn. The game was against German champions UHC Weissenfels. When the teams played against each other 3 years ago in Austria, the German team was slightly better and took a 5-1 victory. HDM was eager to get a better result than 3 years ago, but also had to deal with a reduced team.

Directly from the start it was clear that Weissenfels has improved their play a lot since 2009 with very quick ball circulation, good skills and shots. HDM was constantly under pressure. Nevertheles the first few chances were for HDM as Jacques Fournier could not get the ball past the goalie from close distance and Johan Lim, against his habit, missed an open chance. After that UHC Weissenfels dominated the first period and scored 3 goals before the first intermission.

The second period was coloured by 3 time penalties for both teams. Most dramatic was the 5 minute penalty for Michiel Bosch after his stick kissed a German cheek. However, finally HDM was able to score. The opener by Roland Velu in power play was followed by two goals by Martin Granqvist. In the meantime Weissenfels added 5 goals to end the period 3-8.

The game ended with a more tight gameplay. Maybe the Germans did not push as much as they could any more, but HDM became was able to control the Germans play more. The third period ended in 3-2 to the Germans, 5-11 total. Highlight for HDM was the hop-hop Gangnam style rebound goal by captain Tomas Wahlgren.

HDM showed this game it is able to improve itself during a game and a tournament. The hope for the team is to keep the upward line for the game against Slevik from Norway. If this is possible, a 3 goal win for HDM is in the making. It is however not advised to anticipate a HDM win tomorrow in the toto.

Match summary at the IFF website