EuroFloorball Cup 2012: Lyon Floorball Club – HDM

For the third time in the EuroFloorball Cup Qualifications HDM defeats a French Champion. In 2008, HDM won against the PUC from Paris 9-4, and in 2011 HDM beat IFK Paris 5-1.

This time HDM did not play a great game or maybe was just facing a tougher opponent. The start looked promising with a quick goal by Michiel Bosch assisted again by Johan Lim. Moreover, the Dutch team could rely on strong defenders such as Veikko Viikari and Pieter Schoustra. However, 30 minutes were needed to score a second goal (Tomas Wahlgren assited by Gustav Le Juge). HDM increased the lead when Sjaak van Fournieren received a brillant pass from Francois Boudreault (only 6 minutes penalty in this tournament). Then, the game turned into a kind of a farce with in total 13 penalties given by the refs.

“There is no place for that kind of words in a floorball game” was even said by a referee to a player. The game became tougher, some players were rude and many lost their temper while the referees had a way of judging far from the NeFUB standards. Lyon managed to reduce the score through a combination by the famous French brothers Russo-Mendoza during a powerplay. The game ended on a surprising three against three with no more seats available next to the match table.

Martin Grandqvist, who travelled by taxi, boat, plane and train to reach Denmark, once again won the title of man of the match for HDM.

HDM ends third of this tournament and of course, does not qualify for the EuroFloorball Cup. This is no big surprise when taking into account the level of the German and Norvegian teams.However, the team was happy to gather in Denmark, eat burgers for every meal, drink Tuborg and Carlsberg and more important, fight to it’s limit to protect goalkeeper Patrick Cedervall (68.23% of saves, 58 shots, 27 goals). Kevin Miedema played the entire game against France and showed great potential. Jan Oprchal could sadly not join the squad in Denmark and will soon leave HDM.

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