HDM 1 snatches league victory in the last minute of the last match

In the last game of the season before the playoffs against league leaders Sonics, HDM needed a victory by four or more goals to steal the first spot. Well aware of the offensive qualities of the team from Amersfoort, HDM focused on a tight defense and quick efficient attacks.

It started well with a goal from first-line center Michiel Bosch. However, Sonics equalized moments after and the first period ended 1-1.

In the second period, HDM was on fire and took a 5-1 lead, giving the team exactly the four-goal cushion that was needed. Sonics pressured HDM towards the end of the period, but a solid defense and great goalie work by Ove Fallenius kept all attempts out of the net.

Needing at least one goal in the last period to secure a league victory, Sonics tried hard, but didn’t manage to score in the opening half of the period. HDM looked in command and were not really in danger of conceding. However, with two minutes left on the clock, HDM lost possession in the midfield and seconds later Sonics had reduced the gap to three goals.

Sonics were at this point league winners by goal difference. HDM however had other intentions and replaced the goalie to put a sixth field player on the pitch. With less than a minute left in the game Roland Velu threw a chance-shot at the net where Veikko Viikari picked up a fortunate bounce to put the ball in the net! An end result of 6-2 would mean that HDM would win the league with a better goal difference than Sonics. Sonics tried to muster the strength to come back yet again but it was too late.

HDM finishes first in the league and this of course means nothing if the good form is not carried into the playoffs in two weeks. First though is the cup final on Saturday the 19th of May.

So a quick summary:

  • Veikko Viikari’s league winning last minute goal
  • Solid goaltending by Ove
  • Three goals and one assist by Johan Lim

Match summary at the NeFUB website