HSK Statistics of March 7th

The ladies team has won their game against Floorball Flames, With 8 -0.
In the first goal was made by Tess van der Kolk with an assist from Hanneke Broekman. The other goals in this period were made by Mirjam Haenen, Angela Stauch, Ingrid Hombergen (2 times, of which one assist from Hanneke Broekman).
The Second period was the only goal made by Vera Vermaas, assist from Mirjam Haenen.
In the last period both goals were made by Susan de Swart, assists from Vera Vermaas and Mirjam Haenen.
Keeping the HSK goal clean from goals was a first for the goalie, Dorothee Vogelesang.

HSK Mens 2 had a exiting game against Lions Together. The opening goal was for Gilian Flohr, assist from Michael Boisseneault. The first period tied, with one goal against.
In the second period Kevin Miedema was the maker of both goals, without (registered) assists. This second period ended in a overall score of 3-4 in the advantage of HSK 2.
The third period both teams scored twice. Both HSK goals were made by Kevin Miedema, one with assist from Michael Boisseneault. Making this game a win for HSK 2 with 5-6.

HSK Mens 1 had no game today.

Looking at HSK players in the NeFUB Score list, Johan Lim (HSK Mens 1) is still out topscorer of the current HSK Male players. Closely followed by Roland Velu.
Topscorer of the current HSK Female players is still Anna Kijlstra and Flor Thijssens, although they have not been active this season. From the team ladies Hanneke Broekman is in the lead for the Topscoring ladies of HSK.