NeFUB Competition results for 19-10-2013

HDM 1 – UA Sonics 1: 5-3

HDM 1 met UA Sonics 1 today and was victorious in a close match with the team from Amersfoort. Our team apparantly was still asleep at the start of the match because after one minute and 11 seconds they were already 2 goals behind and in the thirteenth minute a third one followed. This was enough to make HDM 1 realise something had to be done and by the end of the first period it was all even at 3-3 thanks to goals by Ossi Vilhunen and two by Tomas Wahlgren, all three unassisted.

With one goal for HDM 1 in the following two periods (Tomas again with an assist from Jacques and the final goal was made by Johan Lim) victory was achieved and HDM 1 gets the points!

Match summary at the NeFUB website

HDM Falcons – UFC Utrecht 2: 18-1

Goals galore in this ladies match which makes it difficult to just write a report since well…HDM Falcons was in control the whole game, so here are the stats instead:

  • Anna Kijlstra: 4 goald 4 assists
  • Flor Thijssens: 3 goals 3 assists
  • Hanneke Broekman: 3 goals
  • Tess van der Kolk: 3 goals
  • Susan de Swart: 1 goal
  • Angela Stauch: 3 goals 1 assist
  • Nizette Couzy: 1 assist
  • Marlous Janssen: 1 goal

Honourable mention should go to Utrecht player Yvonne Lucassen, she defended her team’s honour by making sure the 0 wasn’t kept by HDM Falcons by scoring the only goal for her team.

Match summary at the NeFUB website