Play Offs 2014

In the weekend of May 10 and 11 we had 2 teams participating in the Play Offs for this season! Men’s 1 and Ladies were both in the top of their league throughout the season, resulting in the honors to fight for the win of the competition!

For the Ladies team this was the first time since the restart of the ladies team (season 2012-2013), and therefor a great prestation! On saturday they played against Groningen. A great and thrilling game, in which HSK Ladies had lots of opportunities to score, but were unable to make scores from this opportunities. Resulting in a 2-8 loss and the end of the Play Offs for the ladies.

Men’s 1 played on Saturday a very exiting game, during the 3rd period Men’s 1 was ‘far’ behind on their opponent Utrecht 1 (score 3-6). With only 12 minutes left on the clock, HSK Men’s 1 worked on their comeback, resulting in a equal score of 6-6. As equal score are not allowed in this part of the competition, a ‘golden goal’ had to be made in the lengthened 3rd period resulting in a 7-6 win for the men’s team.
Winning the Saturdays Game, means playing for Gold on Sunday. The game on Sunday was against Groningen, which started off to look a lot like the game played on Saturday. After the second period the HSK Men’s 1 team was behind with 2 goals, but Saturday’s game gave positive energy to keep up the hard work. A few minutes before game end, HSK scored the equalizing goal out of a penalty situation. 20 second before end Groningen scored once more, leaving HSK for second place in the competiton.

Off course we would have loved to have Gold for both teams, we are pleased to see the great fighting spirit from both Mens and Ladies team in these play off games!HSK Final Supporters

END Result Ladies: 3rd place in 2013-2014 competition
END Result Men’s 1: 2nd place in 2013-2014 competition