Pool and Darts Saturday!

Whoehoe this Saturday a new Floorball season starts! Of course we are all looking forward playing matches again, but also to catch up. Both the men and ladies play in Delft, that’s why the social activity ‘Pools & darts’ will also be held there.
What: Pools&darts
When: Saturday 26th of September, 20:00
Where: Hendrik Tollensstraat 3, 2624BH Delft
Bring some cash s.v.p.
Please let us know by email/in person/Fb event when you want to join the first social activity of the season. Please do so before Thursday.
We hope to see you all on Saturday evening and good luck with the matches!
Dorothee and Tess
(HSK Social committee)952822-darts-in-a-dart-board-with-a-pool-game-in-the-background-shallow-dof